When faced with hardship and challenges, these six attorneys have risen to the occasion through their steadfast determination

AP Capaldo-Aoun Fights to Create a Better World for Working Parents

AP Capaldo-Aoun of TD SYNNEX has moved through her career at warp speed and as a young mom, she wants to help make parenthood an asset in the workplace

It’s critical that at every company you can look up and see people who reflect who you are or who you want to be. If you can’t do that, you’re not in the right place.”

–Ana-Paola (AP) Capaldo-Aoun, TD SYNNEX

Lance High Is a Global GC

Lance High draws upon decades of private practice and global in-house experience to lead the North American legal team at Kubota


I recognize that the role of a lawyer is to set our beliefs and our ego aside for the sake of the company and for the benefit of the client.”

–Lance High, Kubota North America Corporation

Regina Himelfarb Never Backs Down from a Challenge

As corporate counsel of the Americas at The Weir Group PLC, Regina Himelfarb isn’t just running with the boys—she’s leading the pack


People here recognize that we need input from everyone to really have the right atmosphere for employees and the right results in the business world.”

–Regina Himelfarb, The Weir Group PLC

For a very long time, there weren’t a lot of women or people of color in the spaces that I was working in, and I hope to change the perceptions of who belongs in the corporate space.”

–Kristine Carpenter, Wabtec Corporation

Kristine Carpenter Locks In

Kristine Carpenter embraces her heritage and passion for deals to thrive in her role as VP of legal, M&A, and corporate governance at Wabtec Corporation


Mark Jones Claims His Stake

After a car accident, Mark Jones took a leap of faith and joined Shelter Insurance Companies as director of litigation and special investigations unit


We can’t take away their injuries…. All we have is money, which is frankly a very, very poor substitute. But we are dealing with people at probably the worst moment of their lives.”

–mark jones, Shelter Insurance Companies

On The Cover

Giselle Huron
Senior Counsel and
Anti-Counterfeit Lead