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Modern Counsel is a network of today’s most influential legal minds, including in-house counsel, outside counsel, and legal strategists spanning industries and functions. We offer insight into every facet of legal leaders’ professional lives by telling their stories—from department structure and team management to intellectual property and emerging technology.

With award-winning editorial and design, we bring together leaders in the legal field to share their stories, learn from each other, and connect. Modern Counsel is an opportunity for you to become a part of the larger corporate law community by discussing your work—from your perspective. By conveying these successes, our mission is to create a space for legal leaders to share and learn as we all navigate an increasingly complex business environment.

Editorial Calendar

July 2023

The Grit Issue

This issue will showcase legal executives who displayed resounding grit through adversity and obstacles throughout their professional lives. In facing hardship, setbacks, disappointment, and other challenges, these attorneys have risen to the occasion through their steadfast determination. They aren’t just lawyers; they have emerged as seasoned leaders by undergoing tremendous growth and development.

Live 7/5/23

August 2023

The Food & Beverage Issue

This issue will showcase in-house counsel who have established themselves as legal leaders in the ever-evolving and always-appetizing food and beverage industry.

Live 8/14/23

October 2023

The Practice Issue: Intellectual Property

This issue will highlight the hard work and accomplishments of intellectual property attorneys. We will highlight IP corporate counsel who have thrived in their fields throughout their careers and showcase how they continually strive to be better than they were the day before. These attorneys are committed to being experts in the highly technical area of IP law and have contributed greatly as in-house counsel at their respective companies.

Live 10/2/23

November 2023

The Retail Issue

This issue will feature attorneys who handle a wide range of legal issues and serve as pivotal members at their retail organizations.

Live 11/6/23

January 2024

The Purpose Issue

Our fifth annual Purpose issue will feature stories of in-house counsel who advocate for positive change in the world. These attorneys not only live their values at work, but also in their personal lives. They especially demonstrate a commitment to a wide range of causes and encourage others to share their devotion.

Live 1/2/24

April 2024

The Empowered Issue

Our sixth annual Empowered issue will focus on DEI legal leaders who embody strength and confidence in their careers. These attorneys take an exceptionally thoughtful approach to complex issues in order to ensure representation and fair treatment in today’s workplace. They passionately advocate for equal treatment for a wide range of populations, focusing on issues ranging from race and ethnicity to socioeconomic status to disability and neurodiversity.

Live 4/1/24

July 2024

The Mentorship Issue

Mentors are invaluable to legal executives throughout their careers. We will speak to how mentors have influenced featured in-house counsel in their careers, as well as how being a mentor has impacted their own professional lives. We will also invite executive-to-executive features highlighting mentor/mentee relationships.

Live 7/1/24