Focus: Retail

Four attorneys who handle a wide range of legal issues and serve as pivotal members at their retail organizations

Tashall Grinnell The Container Store

Tasha Grinnell Is an Empathetic Leader

Tasha Grinnell brings more than two decades of in-house experience and leadership lessons to her role as general counsel at the Container Store

One of the things that is so beautiful about being a Black woman in this seat is that people can see that it is obtainable.

–Tasha Grinnell

I think back on all of the times that my parents told me I should be a lawyer and just realize that was their nice way of saying I was argumentative.”

–beth wendle

Beth Wendle DoorDash

Beth Wendle Dives in at DoorDash

Beth Wendle is excited to embark on something new at DoorDash in her role as senior counsel of insurance litigation

Theresa Becerril Chico's FAS

Theresa McManus Becerril Is a Trendsetter in Her Own Right

Theresa McManus Becerril went from changing oil to practicing law for major fashion brands at Chico’s FAS

If you’re going in-house, there is so much about the business that you need to learn to provide effective counsel, and I love to teach and pass along what I’ve learned over the years.”

–Theresa McManus Becerril

The laws, in some ways, seem to take a rudimentary view of technology and do not necessarily take into account the complexity associated with digital marketing and of modern data systems.”

–Natalie troilo

Natalie Troilo DICK's Sporting Goods

Natalie Troilo Leads with Confidence and Acts with Humility

Privacy expert Natalie Troilo helps DICK’S Sporting Goods navigate the dynamic world of customer data privacy legislation

Photos: Teresa Rafidi (Grinnell), Carlo Fiorillo (Wendle), Molibdenis-Studio/ (Chico’s), Kayla Speicher (Troilo)