Cybersecurity in the Legal Industry


What In-House And General Counsel Need to Know about Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity remains at the forefront of serious concerns affecting the legal market. Often in-house and general counsel are actively involved in stopping these data breaches and preventing lasting impact for corporations. Data security is a universal issue across legal specialties and continues to change and evolve rapidly. So it’s key for legal professionals to remain up-to-date on this complex and multifaceted issue.

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GregMcShea_mobileManaging Security in Hackers’ Most Targeted Industry

Financial service businesses rank first among industries targeted for cybercrime. But industries are universally impacted by security threats and attacks. Learn more about why every industry and corporation has a stake in the fight for cybersecurity.



Steve Fabrizio - Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA)Not Another Napster

The Motion Picture Association of America continues to tackle the difficult problem of copyright infringement and illegal downloading. The organization is now fighting against the theft of intellectual property with regulations, litigation, and new tools, such as voluntary initiatives.



Jeff True - Palo Alto NetworksUnseen Armor

Cybersecurity and the need to keep companies, citizens, and data secure, is at the top of the priority list for organizational leaders, government agencies, and service providers. Following cyber-attacks on several large corporations, Palo Alto Networks launched a new initiative, the Cyber Threat Alliance, to encourage information sharing among security companies.


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