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35 Under 35: Madhavi Seth

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35 Under 35: Madhavi Seth

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Madhavi Seth collaborates with a team of privacy, security, and compliance personnel while acting as corporate counsel for Hubspot. The lawyer assesses revisions to terms in the company’s data processing agreements and privacy policy, fosters transparency in Hubspot’s privacy practices for its customer and prospective customers, and responds to third-party requests for customer data and customer questions.

Madhavi Seth

Corporate Counsel

Hubspot Inc.

“While this new role was initially daunting, I overcame this challenge by being a ‘student of the business,’ asking questions to learn about the business’s ever-evolving objectives, and tailoring my advice so that it helps further those objectives,” she says of moving in-house to Hubspot.

Seth takes a much more holistic approach to defining her career highlight. “Being able to go to work with a sense of mission and purpose is my greatest achievement,” the attorney says. “Being able to practice as an attorney every day and continue to use my skills to advise people to help them and their businesses grow, succeed and achieve their goals gives me a deep sense of satisfaction.”

The attorney has served on the South Asian Bar Association of Chicago for the past two years where she acts as co-vice president of public relations. Seth is driven by a desire to cultivate a sense of community, belonging, and mission among South Asian lawyers and legal professionals.

When it comes to the best advice she’s ever received, Seth has excellent advice for us all. “If it’s not going to matter in five years, don’t spend more than five minutes thinking about it.”

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