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35 Under 35: Li Moneypenny

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35 Under 35: Li Moneypenny

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Li Moneypenny delivers Shell USA’s major construction projects with a primary eye on engineering, procurement, and construction-related agreements, as well as performance and contract management, claim avoidance, and pre-litigation dispute resolution.

Moneypenny, who was a summer legal intern at Shell, joined Shell USA right out of law school and immediately served as lead attorney on several projects. “I was almost always the least experienced in the room,” she says. “I overcame this challenge by always being prepared and connecting with mentors to navigate these situations and avoid common pitfalls.”

Li Moneypenny

Legal Counsel

Shell USA

The lawyer’s promise was noticed by Shell in 2020 when she was selected to pilot Shell Legal’s first ever reverse-secondment program with a law firm. Moneypenny supported a range of major construction projects for Shell and other parties in the transaction and pre-litigation dispute spaces.

Moneypenny grew up in Stockholm, Sweden, and says her multicultural background has enabled her to readily offer up different perspectives to better develop creative solutions and connect with her global team members more efficiently.

Outside of her work, Li is most focused on mitigating the effects of homelessness and has served as a board member for a Houston-based nonprofit dedicated to providing fresh and clean water to the homeless.

The best piece of advice Moneypenny recalls receiving is that “you will never regret being kind.” If given the chance to become a lawyer again, she absolutely would. “Every day is an intellectually stimulating adventure.”

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