NightOwl Global Is Dedicated to Discovery

CEO Andrea Wallack on NightOwl Global’s history in corporate data discovery management and the close partnerships that have driven the company to the forefront of the industry

Andrea Wallack, CEO, NightOwl Global Photo by Jonathan Chapman Photography

Founded nearly thirty years ago, NightOwl Global, a corporate discovery management company, has seen vast changes in the data landscape over time. As such, NightOwl possesses great foresight and adaptability, hallmarks of a strong corporate culture that are essential to long-term growth. Tenured and experienced in this unique space, with a creative and dedicated team of consultants and experts, CEO Andrea Wallack has positioned the company as a leader in managed services for legal operations communities across the globe.

Over the years, NightOwl has fostered deep partnerships with key technology players, becoming the go-to expert in a wide variety of platforms. Wallack explains that this flexibility positions the company to help its clients maximize existing capital investments while also looking forward to the next generation of data intelligence technologies. In addition to being an expert in industry-leading platforms, NightOwl’s development team builds proprietary plug-ins to increase performance, scale, and client-driven customizations that can optimize for and solve unique data challenges.

According to Wallack, the company’s significant experience with discovery management technologies has helped NightOwl navigate industry shifts and creates opportunities for growth as the new wave of IOT and intelligent platforms become more widely adopted by the corporate world. Legal and regulatory landscapes adapt to these new technologies, be responsive during the discovery and governance process, and also assist in adding value and driving deeper insight into what today is our data-driven reality.

“We assist legal teams to be on the offense with their data, rather than the defense. Artificial intelligence isn’t new, but it has changed and is being applied in new ways,” Wallack says. “These technologies are more intuitive and can help legal teams get to the core of a matter faster and more efficiently, offering a more meaningful and dimensional perspective.”

The key to long-term success is choosing the right partner. Partnership offers corporate legal departments a vastly expanded knowledge repository that introduce cross-industry perspective on best practices. Collaborative and diverse teams are infinitely more successful at problem-solving and benchmarking. The right partner will become a seamless extension of the internal team and will offer a continuity of historical knowledge that can be invaluable.

“Even today, most organizations manage discovery as a reaction to an event—sending data to outside counsel for processing and inadvertently exposing themselves to a burdensome and costly process. They can lose track of where their data is and also lose track of the knowledge retained in those data sets,” Wallack notes.

But to Wallack, success doesn’t just come from delivering the results that clients expect; it comes from delivering results in a manner that is insightful and adds value to a client’s business priorities and objectives.

“E-discovery can be a very high-pressure and intense environment,” says Wallack. But key partners help to alleviate some of that pressure and share in the burden. “The right partner will help save money and optimize workflow as well as technology selection to ensure the most efficient and defensible process. That is our primary goal: to achieve a deep, seamless, and trust-based integration with our clients.”

The key to achieving that level of efficiency, Wallack emphasizes, starts with the type of team that NightOwl has dedicated itself to building.

“Our teams are multidisciplinary in expertise and dedicated by client,” Wallack explains. “Everyone who joins the team goes through months of onboarding to make sure that they have all the knowledge and tools they need to properly serve as effective team members and have the proper company ethos.”

This combination of singular focus and diverse expertise on each team—NightOwl teams offer a combination of data scientists, technology and IT specialists, an attorney client services team, and business data analysts—enables them to deliver consistently for their clients, Wallack says.

That kind of close partnership is essential for strong outcomes. But as Wallack points out, it is also critical to build work/life balance.

“If you want to take a Christmas holiday or go to your child’s recital, you need to have confidence that these high-stakes matters are in the hands of competent people,” she says. “You need to know that your team is an extension of yours and going to be on top of essential details any time that you’re away from your desk. And that’s the kind of peace of mind that we strive to provide for our clients.”


Expertise Spotlight

NightOwl helps global organizations navigate the complex landscape of enterprise data for legal, security, and compliance teams. NightOwl differentiates itself by offering proprietary technology and program management combined with industry-leading third-party software. These tools streamline workflows and display key data, allowing in-house legal teams and outside counsel insight into the information that matters most. Reporting tools show measurable results and provide teams with data that drives the decision-making process.

The combination of NightOwl’s unique and customizable technology solutions and its expert global consultancy solve the challenging issues that come from managing complex data portfolios. Whether responding to litigation, handling an investigation, or building predictable programs that reduce risk and improve compliance, NightOwl’s tremendous value proposition makes it the industry partner of choice. Inspire greater.